Ballet Folklórico Classes in Scottsdale AZ Upholds Tradition

The traditional dance of the Mexican culture, Ballet Folklórico, is a beautiful and colorful expression of a native heritage. As part of the thread of fabric that is our tight-knit community, Ballet Folklórico classes in Scottsdale AZ are available for residents of the city.

A Colorful Display of Mexican Culture

Ballet Folklórico, which means “folkloric dance” in Spanish, is a beautiful, colorful, and animated dance representing the Hispanic culture and folklore. Women wear ruffled and long brightly-colored dresses while the men wear traditional suits with embroidered designs along the legs of the pants and on the short jackets. The men also wear large sombreros which coordinate with the color of the suit. Carefully choreographed dance steps allow the flowing skirts of the female dancers to swirl around giving a vision of bright colors traveling across the stage. The music and dance together represent several regions and traditions of Mexico.

Ballet Folklórico Classes

Classes for Ballet Folklórico in Scottsdale AZ are for the children of the community and are available through the Vista del Camino Community Center. The 501(c) (3) non-profit dance organization that has been part of City of Scottsdale since 1982 making it an integral part of the community. The classes teach the dance students about the tradition, along with performing in front of live audiences.

Live Performances

The group has been asked to perform at many events and celebrations including Quinceaneras, Grand Opening of Business Site, Parades, Government Agencies, Churches, Civic Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, and Disneyland.

Booking & Donations

Ballet Folklórico is always appreciative of donations for the program. Donations can be made through Scottsdale Community Partners website and any amount given will go a long way in keeping Ballet Folklórico an enjoyable community event. If you would like to book a performance or inquire about classes, please call 480.312.2323 to see what options are available.

Help us make a difference!

The more funds we raise, the more Scottsdale residents and students we can help!

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