Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mission of Scottsdale Community Partners (SCP)?

Scottsdale Community Partners (SCP) mission is to help meet the needs of families, youth and seniors in the City of Scottsdale, through a variety of community service programs. SCP also works in partnership with the City of Scottsdale Human Services Division, to assist eligible Scottsdale residents in crisis, by providing emergency support services.


How Long has SCP Been Active in Scottsdale?

Incorporated in 1975, Scottsdale Community Partners or SCP, (formerly Concerned Citizens for Community Health – CCCH) is a volunteer, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. For the past 40 years, it has helped meet the growing humanitarian needs of Scottsdale citizens of all ages.


Is SCP Part of the Scottsdale City Government?

No, SCP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and a separate entity; it works in partnership with the City of Scottsdale Human Services Division and the Vista del Camino Community Center.


How Do I Become a Volunteer for SCP?

SCP welcomes volunteers. Please call our main number at 490-312-2224, visit our volunteer page or contact us by email. We look forward to having you join our many volunteers.


How can I Donate to SCP?

SCP is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) volunteer organization that relies on the support of the Scottsdale community, business members and private individuals. Thank you for your generous donation to SCP.

By Check: (Payable to)
Scottsdale Community Partners (SCP)
7700 E Roosevelt Street, Suite 107
Scottsdale AZ, 85257
$50, $100, $250, $500 or a donation of your choice

Please visit our donation page to make an immediate monetary contribution to SCP by credit or debit card. You will have the option to make a single donation or set up a recurring monthly donation.

Host a Food Drive:
Help collect food for those in need in our community. Contact us for more information.


What is a Standard Donation Amount?

SCP is grateful for any amount you wish to donate to help our Scottsdale families, youth and seniors in need. Here are some examples of how we put your gift to use:

$50 Donation – Feeds 10 children over a weekend or provides 25lbs of food for a family

$100 Donation – Helps 5 seniors or disabled citizens receive weekly groceries

$250 Donation – 2 sponsored youth for Back to School Program or 2 sponsored Holiday Adopt A Senior

$500 Donation – 4 family members sponsored for Holiday Adopt A Family


Is this Donation Tax Deductible? Does it Qualify Under the AZ Charitable Tax Credit?

Yes your donation is tax deductible because SCP is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Your donation also qualifies under the AZ Charitable Tax Credit for the Working Poor. Under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, households may reduce their direct tax liability by $800 for couples and $400 for an individual, when they give back to qualifying non-profits in the community.


Do You have a Description of the Guidelines for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit for My Records?

Yes we do, please click the button below for a detailed description of the AZ Charitable Tax Credit for the Working Poor.


What Services Does the Vista del Camino Community Center Provide?

The Vista del Camino Community Center is located at 7700 East Roosevelt Street, Scottsdale, 85257 or call 480-312-2323. The center provides a variety of services to Scottsdale residents to prevent homelessness, meet the basic needs of individuals and families in crisis, relieve economic and emotional stress and assist individuals to maintain self–sufficiency.


How Does the Vista del Camino Food Bank Operate and Where is it Located?

The Vista del Camino Food Bank is located on-site at the Center and provides food boxes and homeless food bags filled with essential food items and water, to thousands of hungry individuals and families each year. After meeting with clients, social workers provide free boxes of food that meet their nutritional and dietary needs. The Food Bank also offers toiletries and specialty items for infants, small children and elderly residents living in Scottsdale.


How can I Make a Donation to the Food Bank or Start a Food Drive?

To make a food or toiletry item donation to the Food Bank, you may drop off the items at the drive up window at the Vista del Camino Community Center. To initiate a food drive at your school or place of business, contact the Vista Del Camino Manager at 480-312-2323.


What is the Empty Bowls Fundraising Event Sponsored by SCP?

Empty Bowls helps raise awareness of those in our community who suffer from hunger and need assistance. This creative fundraiser for SCP is a one day event held in November each year and is named in memory of the late Ms. Alli Ortega – local artist, City of Scottsdale employee, and loyal Empty Bowls volunteer. These ceramic bowls are hand-crafted by local community artisans and youth and are available for sale at Scottsdale Community College. For more detailed information visit our Empty Bowls Program page.


What are the Emergency Support Services that SCP Helps Provide to the Community?

Scottsdale Community Partners (SCP) assists eligible Scottsdale residents in crisis by providing emergency support services including: assistance for emergency rent or mortgage and utility payments, emergency food/toiletries from the Vista del Camino Food Bank, transportation assistance, prescription assistance and other support services.

Many of these services are based on income eligibility, proof of crisis, and require an eligibility assessment.

Bilingual workers are available to provide services in Spanish and English. To learn more about services available please contact us or call (480) 312-2323.


What are the Holiday Adopt A Family / Senior Programs?

Each fall / winter, SCP and Vista del Camino offer the Adopt A Family/Senior Program for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. During this time we assist over 400 families or individuals through the adoption process by matching families, seniors (over 200) or disabled adults with a donor individual, family or organization. For more detailed information on these programs visit our Adopt A Family Program page or our Adopt A Senior Program page.


What is the Back-to-School Drive and Who Participates?

The Back-to-School Drive is a broad partnership and collaborative effort with the City of Scottsdale, SUSD Schools, non-profit, civic, faith and business organizations coming together to assist and support low-income Scottsdale students in grades K through 12. These donations include: essential school supplies, clothing, shoes, immunizations, and dental screenings. It is held every July, prior to the new academic school year, which starts in August. We assist over 990 students with the supplies they need to start the school year. For more detailed information on this program, please visit the Back-to-School Program page.


What Items are on the Wish List for the Back-to-School Drive and How can I Donate?

The wish list for the Back-to-School Drive includes: a backpack, clothing/shoes and school supplies. For a more details on the items that are needed, please view Back-to-School Program page.

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