Adopt A Family Program

Supporting Scottsdale families through the holidays.

Our Adopt A Family Thanksgiving and Adopt a Family Holiday Programs are joint ventures coordinated and facilitated with Scottsdale Community Partners and the City of Scottsdale Human Services Division. The City of Scottsdale screens applicants for financial eligibility and creates a brief bio of the housebound senior, disabled adult, or family in need, which is then shared with the person or organization sponsoring the individual or family.

The Thanksgiving Program provides products and ingredients for a full meal, including a turkey or ham, gravy, canned fruits and vegetables, cranberries, a type of potato, and pumpkin pie.  In 2016, 453 families received a Thanksgiving meal through this program.

The Holiday Program is more individualized. For seniors and disabled adults in the program, each is interviewed to determine 3-5 gifts he or she would like for the holidays. For families, the program focuses specifically on the children. In most cases, the children of enrolled families would not receive any holiday gifts without the support of our program. Each child in the family is interviewed to find the 3-5 gifts they would like to receive. 413 households participated in the program in 2016, which consisted of 251 families, 630 children, 142 seniors, and 54 disabled adults.

When a donor is assigned to an individual or family, they are given the individual or family bio, as well as the ‘wish list’ of each. They are then asked to provide a $25 grocery card to the individual or family to assist with food needs for the holidays, as well as purchasing the gifts requested. We encourage donors to spend approximately $100-$125 per person, in addition to the $25 grocery card. For an individual, the total donation value would be $125-$150. For a family, the total would be $25 plus $100-$125 per child in the family.

The number of eligible individuals and families who enroll in this program always exceeds the number of donors. Each year we support over 500 families for these programs. We really need the help and support of the community to ensure these individuals and families are serviced through the holidays. There are many ways to give to support this program:

  • Write a check or donate on-line
  • Donate food to SCP / Vista del Camino Food Bank for the Thanksgiving Program
  • Adopt an individual or family for the Holiday Program
  • Volunteer to screen individuals and families who are applying to these programs.

How you can help

To adopt a family, please complete the Donor Form below and email it to Sue Oh at We are always accepting monetary donations that support the Adopt a Family Program.

Sponsor Form

Families participated in our Adopt A Family Program in 2016

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