Brown Bag

Providing groceries to seniors and disabled adults in Scottsdale.

The Brown Bag Food Program operates out of the City of Scottsdale’s Granite Reef Senior Center. This program provides a weekly food bag to low-income seniors residing in Scottsdale. Many seniors in our community live on fixed incomes, which become challenged during the summer months when cooling bills skyrocket or when unplanned expenses occur.

During the course of the year, between 200 and 300 seniors receive the bags, filled with proteins, bread products, fruits and vegetables to supplement their food source. Scottsdale Community Partners contributes significantly to this program, providing funding for the food purchases and transportation requirements. Volunteers are also critical to this program, as they are needed each Thursday to pack all the food bags and prepare them for pickup.

For more information about this program contact the Granite Reef Senior Center at 480-312-1700.

How you can help

We encourage you to support this program through monetary donations and volunteer hours, as sustaining this program throughout the year is challenging, so we could use smiling faces like yours!


Seniors participated in the Brown Bag Food Program last year

“As a disabled middle-aged woman with no family to spend the holiday with you have made my holiday something I can enjoy this year. Your compassion and kindness goes beyond words. God bless and may you and your family have a very blessed holiday season.”

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