Local Pet Food Bank in Scottsdale Feeds Your Furry Friends

Local Pet Food Bank in Scottsdale

Unexpected hardships may leave families struggling to find the resources to care for the family pets. Pets are an important element of the family circle and should be able to remain with their owners. The Pet Pantry in Vista del Camino offers a place for pet owners to procure food and supplies to keep their pets out of the shelters. We are always looking for donations for the Pet Pantry and needed items can be found on the Vista del Camino pet food list.

Caring for Pets During a Hardship

Owning a pet can bring so much joy and laughter to a family throughout the years and can give companionship to all family members. Pets offer loyalty and are steadfast friends that bring comfort and stability to their owners. Stress levels are known to be reduced by having a pet nearby and can also add the benefit for exercise for those that take their pets out for walks or playtime.

Vista del Camino’s Pet Food Pantry

At SCP, Vista del Camino Food Bank and Animal Guardian Network, we believe that pets should stay with those that care and love for them, keeping a family together. Not only does keeping a pet with its family prevent a feeling of despair in an already difficult time, but it helps keeps these special companions out of the shelters and at home, where they belong. Together, we have established the Pet Food Pantry.

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